8 Ways You’re Making Your Seasonal Allergies Worse

  • Seasonal allergies can be miserable, but with a change to your daily routine and your HVAC filter, you can relieve those symptoms.
  • Relieving the symptoms of seasonal allergies is just one of the benefits of regularly changing your HVAC filters.

The changing seasons are often pleasant to experience, but it can be miserable for someone with seasonal allergies. Whether you feel the suffering has been getting worse each year, or it has just gotten worse as the season progressed this year, there are eight ways you may be making your seasonal allergies worse.

Neglecting Your Filters

Some homeowners use the wrong HVAC filters, and others fail to change their filters regularly. Either way, neglecting your filters is one of the worst things you can do for allergies. Your air filters are only going to filter the air in your home and rid it of pollen if you have installed them correctly and changed them often. Crockett Filter Club allows you the convenience of filter delivery, so you have a regular reminder and are always sure to get the right air filters for allergies.

Forgetting To Take Medication

You have to be consistent with allergy medication if you want it to work correctly. Some individuals fail to pick up their prescriptions on time, and others wait too long before the next dose. If you think about this before allergy season, you can be one step ahead of those miserable symptoms.

Having Poor Hygiene

Most people don’t realize it, but having poor hygiene could result in increased allergy symptoms. When you are out and about during the day, your hair and clothing collect pollen and other allergens. If you don’t change your clothes and shower at night, you’re taking the allergens to bed with you, so throw in a load of laundry and take a quick shower before you settle in for the night.

Avoiding Cleaning Your Home

If you’re worried your allergies are going to flare up when you start cleaning, you might want to put it off, but that could make the problem worse. If you need to, hire a cleaning service to deep clean your home a few times a year. Aside from regular dusting, the cleaning professionals can make sure other allergens, such as pet dander and dust mites, are out of your home. If you’re not worried about a flare-up, you can handle the cleaning on your own, but just be sure it gets done.

Drying Your Laundry on a Line

It’s great to have that fresh air-dried smell that comes with line-dried clothes, but hanging your laundry to dry outdoors is going to encourage a collection of pollen and other allergens. Using your dryer indoors would be a better solution during allergy season.

Opening the Windows

Understandably, you want fresh air in your home, but opening the windows during spring is only going to invite the pollen in. Instead of opening the windows, make sure your filters are clean and turn on the air conditioner.

Spending Time Outdoors

Everyone loves spending time outside during fresh spring days, but allergies can ruin all the fun. Especially on windy days, there are going to be unseen allergens flying all over the place. If you want to spend time outdoors, consider waiting until after a cleansing rain, so there’s no pollen in the air, and always wait until the wind has let up.

Sleeping With Pets

You’re not the only one with allergens collecting in your hair and on your clothing. Your pets are carrying it in their fur and hair as well. If you let your furry family members sleep in your bed, you’re going to be exposed to those allergens all night long. Keep your pets washed and groomed, and try to keep them in their own spaces, which should rarely be your bed.

Order Your Filters Today

As you can see, most of these negative habits are easy to change. If you’re ready to make a change with things to help with allergies, contact Crockett Filter Club today at 844-401-4604 to order your filters.