Keep Your Family Safe: 3 Reasons to Hire a Professional HVAC Company

quality hvac serviceAs a homeowner, you’re most important job is to keep your family safe, sheltered, and secure. It’s up to you to provide this care to your family, but the best way to actually achieve this kind of home security is by working with professionals. As homeowners across the country battle the freezing cold and powerful winter snowstorms, your main goal is to keep your family warm.

By working with a professional quality HVAC service, you will be providing your family the warmth they deserve. Here are a few other reasons why you should contact a quality HVAC service this winter.

Save Money
Although you’ll be paying for HVAC professionals to come into your home and inspect and repair your heating systems, you’ll end up saving much more money in the long run. If you ignore your home’s heating systems, some serious problems may begin to occur over time. Even a small issue with your heating system could end up resulting in a major problem that costs a significant amount of money.

Keep Your Family Comfortable
The worst way to spend a winter indoors is to spend it without a proper heating system. If your home’s heating system is damaged or not properly working, you and your family are going to be miserable and freezing all winter. Roughly 25% of the heat inside your home is lost because of small holes and cracks inside the walls. That’s why you should work with professionals who can secure these cracks and help keep your family warm. Hiring a quality HVAC service company to come to your home and repair your systems can provide you with the peace of mind to know that you won’t be left out in the cold this winter.

Prevent HVAC Emergencies
Serious emergencies with your gas furnace or any other heating system in your home can result in an extremely dangerous situation for you and your family. Gas leaks can end up completely destroying your home if you’re not careful, which is why it’s essential that your HVAC systems are properly functioning.

Contact Pioneer Heating and Air today to keep your family safe and comfortable throughout the winter.

Top Reasons to Consider Purchasing a Standby Generator for Your Home

hvac systemsMany people only associate HVAC systems with heating and air conditioning needs. But did you know that Pioneer Heating and Air also offers products and service for standby generators at home? A generator can provide you with electricity in the event of a power outage, often in the range of 8,000 to 22,000 watts. That’s enough to power an entire house, including the central heat and air conditioning units. Don’t get left out in the cold this winter — or any winter! Here are some of the top reasons why investing in a generator is a good idea, any time of year.

  1. Protect Perishable Items: What happens to the groceries in your refrigerator if the power goes out? They could go bad within hours. With a generator to kick in the energy needed to power your fridge, however, you can rest assured that they’ll be perfectly fine tomorrow.
  2. Avoid Flood Damage: Bad storms can bring more than just downed power lines. Make sure that your sump pump continues to run, even when the power is out, with a home generator for backup safety in the event of a potential flood.
  3. Stay Comfortable: If your heat turns off during a bad winter storm, you won’t need a generator for only light and heat. It’s essential to make sure that your pipes don’t freeze during an extended outage, which could cause serious damage to your HVAC systems in the long run.
  4. Keep Technology Up and Running: Whether you work from home or simply rely on your electronic devices for daily tasks, a power outage could turn a productive day into a complete non-starter. Protect important files and sensitive systems from an unexpected outage.
  5. Peace of Mind: No matter where you live, there’s a security in knowing that you’ll have power — regardless of whatever plans Mother Nature has in mind. Plus, it will increase the value of your home: future buyers will love knowing that a standby generator is already up and running to protect their valuables, too.

Ready to invest in a generator for your home? Contact us today for more information about how you can better protect your home — and the people inside it — in any weather.

A Few Tips to Help You Deal With a Mid-Winter Furnace Meltdown

air conditioning companiesAccording to Murphy’s law, anything that can go wrong inevitably will go wrong. So when your furnace decides to go kaput in the middle of winter, you at least have somewhere to place blame. But aside from that, it’s important that you know how to deal with, and potentially prevent, this kind of situation.

Here are a few HVAC system tips to help you figure out how to deal with a mid-winter furnace meltdown without going into meltdown mode yourself.

First, Get Out of the House
If you smell natural gas inside of your home, it’s important that you get your family and pets out and call the appropriate department to assess the situation (just be sure not to place the call from inside the house!). Only after the area has been deemed safe should you go back in. Not only can this natural gas cause carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s highly flammable. If you don’t smell any gas, proceed to the next step…

Call for Repairs
Once the situation has been assessed and your safety is ensured, you should immediately call your HVAC services for furnace repairs or a complete replacement. Heating system repair should be performed immediately in this situation, and most local heating and air conditioning companies should be able to accommodate a last-minute service call.

Have a Backup
Until repairs can be performed, it’s important to have a reliable source of heat in your home as a backup. Electric heaters or a fireplace are both excellent solutions in this scenario, as are warm, cozy blankets.

Prevent it From Happening
It’s insanely easy to prevent this issue from ever occurring in your home. Heating and air conditioning companies should offer inspections to ensure that your HVAC system is in working order and doesn’t require any major repairs. Efficient HVAC systems require inspections twice annually: once in the spring and once in the fall. Inspection during these transitional seasons can help prevent issues during the summer and winter seasons of peak HVAC use. If you have any questions, heating and air conditioning companies should be able to provide you with any information you might need. And if they suggest an upgrade, that should leave you with ample time to install a new furnace before winter.

Whatever you do, don’t neglect HVAC system maintenance. It’s one of the most important practices you can possibly have when it comes to home ownership. If you’re a believer in Murphy’s law, you need to prevent things from going wrong before they ever get the chance to do so.

Home Improvement 101: How To Maintain Your Home Furnace

When you’ve grown up with furnaces, HVAC systems, and hot water heaters, it can be hard to imagine life without them. That is, it’s hard to imagine right up to the moment your furnace breaks down on a chilly winter’s night. To put it simply, there’s no better time to learn about maintaining your HVAC system and furnace than the weeks before winter.

But unless you’re a home improvement expert, you probably have no idea how to maintain your home’s furnace. To stay warm this season, just use these furnace care tips to get your home heated.

Clean or Replace Your Filters
If you thought changing filters ended with your air conditioning system, you would unfortunately be wrong. If your furnace filter is dirty, it can obstruct airflow and even affect the air quality in your home. Most installation experts recommend cleaning or changing these filters once every four to eight weeks.

Check the Oil and Blower Belt
Believe it or not, oil is important in more engines than just the one in your car. If your blower engine seems to be working overtime, add a few drops of oil to make sure things are running smoothly. In addition, cracked or worn blower belts will require replacement.

Keep Air Vents Free of Obstructions
It only makes sense that blocked vents mean no airflow in your home. If you’re experiencing ventilation issues, you should ensure that nothing is obstructing the flow of air into your home. Check the exterior vents of your home, but also make sure there aren’t any stray piles of laundry or other items covering up air vents inside the house. If you’re concerned about the heating system’s vents or air quality, you should call HVAC services for an inspection and possibly a good air duct cleaning.

Remove Any Flammable Objects From Around Your Furnace
Behind the furnace may be a good place to stash birthday presents, but everything should be absolutely clear of that area while your heat is on. Any boxes, clothing, paints, or other highly flammable objects shifted over the summer need to be relocated immediately.

Have Your HVAC System Inspected
The installation experts who initially put your HVAC system in place should be called at least twice a year for inspections, and now is the perfect time to do it. Twice yearly inspections can help reduce a variety of problems, such as built up soot in vents or burners.

Maintaining your furnace this winter may seem like a lot of work, but if you get started with an inspection early on, you’ll definitely be nice and warm.

And, remember, if you’re looking for heating and air conditioning installation experts in Knoxville, contact Pioneer Heating and Air before you run into an HVAC emergency.

Allergies? During The Winter? Common Causes and How to Deal With Them

hvac systemBelieve it or not, you can still have allergies during the winter. While it might sound crazy, the truth is that most of the allergens that cause them are a result of your own home. If you want to eliminate some of these allergens from your home this winter, follow this short guide.

Allergen: Dust Mites
That’s right! Those little critters can actually contribute to your at-home winter allergies. They thrive on dry, dusty air that your HVAC system produces during the winter.

Solution: Wash Those Sheets
To prevent dust mites from irritating you in your sleep, wash your sheets in hot water at least once every week. This kills dust mites and can help prevent them from returning in such large numbers. In addition, you should be using hypo-allergenic sheets and pillowcases.

Allergen: Pet Dander
Everyone’s skin gets dry and itchy during the winter, including your pets! Pet dander is a huge issue for a lot of people, especially during the winter when skin is dry and flakes off more frequently.

Solution: Bathe and Brush
You should be brushing your shedding friends at least once every day, no matter the season. In addition, make sure they’re getting bathed properly and regularly. However, keep in mind that over-bathing can make dry skin even worse.

Allergen: Dry, Dusty Air
This is the number one culprit of winter allergies, and believe it or not, it comes straight from your heating systems. Turning up the heat can make air hot, dry, and full of dust.

Solution: Manage Your HVAC System Efficiently
First thing’s first: if your home is excessively dry, have your HVAC system inspected. Improper equipment installation can reduce efficiency by up to 30%, and can make your furnace do strange things. Home heating repair is an absolute must if you’re noticing issues with the air quality in your home. Your heating and air conditioning company should be able to handle any necessary repairs.

Winter allergens are no fun, but once you know how to successfully manage them within your home, you should have a mostly sniffle-free winter!