How Will Dirty Air Filters Impact my HVAC?

Turning on the HVAC system should be like taking a breath of fresh air, but if the filters are dirty, that’s not going to be your experience at all. HVAC air filters need to be changed regularly, especially if someone in the home has allergies, breathing issues, or is susceptible to other toxins and bacteria. You can see how dirty air filters can affect your physical health, but there are some negative impacts a dirty filter could have on your HVAC system as well.

System Failure

When a dirty air filter restricts the airflow of your HVAC system, it often causes system failure. This is because the air handler doesn’t get the air it needs to function correctly. Additional strains are placed on the fan motor, which often overheats and fails the system. When you replace your filter, you’re only spending a small amount of time and money when compared to the high expenses and extended time it could cost you to repair or replace your HVAC system.

Energy Consumption

Any time a motor has to work harder, it’s going to consume more energy. A clogged air filter is inevitably going to make the system work harder because of the restricted airflow. This means you have to pay more in energy bills, your system gets more and more worn out every time it is on, and your carbon footprint isn’t getting reduced as it could.

Dirty Ducts

The air that flows through your filters is going to pick up some of the dirt and dust contained in them. Especially if they’re dirty and clogged, the air is going to take some of that dirt and dust and deposit it inside your ductwork. As you may have guessed, it’s eventually going to blow into your home as well. When your ducts are dirty, the other components of your HVAC system are going to also be dirty. Dirt and dust may lead to more repairs, if not an early replacement of the entire system.

If you have dirty ducts, you’ll also need to spend some money on getting your ductwork cleaned out. This is something that’s recommended every three to five years to begin with, but if they’re particularly dirty because you haven’t changed your filters, you may have to do it more frequently.

Freezing or Burning

If your air filter is dirty and unable to collect any more particles, all that dirt and other debris are going to settle on the heating and cooling coils. When this happens, they begin to work overtime. Heating and cooling coils that work overtime typically end up burning out or freezing over. Your HVAC system won’t work at that point, and you’ll end up spending more money on repairs.

What You Can Do To Save Your HVAC System

As you can see, your air filters are an essential part of your HVAC system. With a dirty air filter, there are a host of issues that can result. These issues not only impact your health but impact your finances, your comfort level, and your time.

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Featured Image: Steve Heap / Shutterstock